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The key offering of the PREPARE Network is connecting our friendly and experienced members, who generate - and work together on - environmentally related projects. The PREPARE Network is a network with a strong track record, a solid heritage and a wide coverage across Europe. Any questions? - Write us on prepare-net [at] prepare-net [dot] com


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Copernicus Alliance Conference 2016

7 October, 2016

The Copernicus Alliance Conference: Sustainability Transformation of Science Systems took place in Vienna, Austria, 14 - 16 September 2016. The 2016 COPERNICUS Alliance Conference focuses on the sustainability transformation of institutional, national and international science systems. It will reflect on policies and practices that support or hinder researchers and educators of higher education institutions to practice inter- and transdisciplinary approaches of sustainability science.

Participants of the conference elaborated on:

Call for Papers - ERSCP 2017

7 October, 2016

18th European Roundtable for Sustainable Consumption and Production will take place on Skiathos Island, Greece in October 2017. The ERSCP is one of Europe's most remarkable conferences in its field and has taken place periodically since 1994. ERSCPs favour discussions about the key issues in sustainable consumption and production; the exchange of thoughts, knowledge, experiences and SCP proposals; and the creation of a European (also worldwide) community of research and practice in sustainable consumption and production.

Call for papers - World Resources Forum 2015

3 April, 2015

The World Resources Forum conference will take place in Davos, Switzerland, 11-14 October 2015. The overall theme of the conference is “Boosting Resource Productivity by adopting the Circular Economy” with key topics:


- Circular economy and decoupling
- Technological innovation, business and finance
- Targets, indicators, and benchmarks for resource use
- Lifestyles and education


The Call for papers has recently been published with submission deadline: 1st May 2015.


News blog
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