Greening TVET and skills development

13 November, 2012

Greening TVET and skills development

Cedefop, in cooperation with UNEVOC, OECD, ILO, WB, ETF, and other international agencies have set up a coordination body.

This working group was initiated following on a suggestion made at the interagency group on TVET meeting in Geneva in December 2011 and objectifies bringing together international agencies and relevant stakeholders to address the sustainable development challenges which require coordinated action.

CSI EU Dissemination in Spain

28 October, 2012

On Tuesday October 23rd, the Spanish partner PROSPEKTIKER had a meeting with the members of IZAITE (Association of companies for sustainability) in IHOBE (Basque EPA), where the CSI EU platform was presented, and the Spanish leaflets were distributed.  Attached is a picture of the meeting.

The companies that participated where mainly big industrial companies in the Basque Country area:

CSI EU Press Conference in Slovenia

23 October, 2012

The CSI EU project - its goals, activities and outcomes - will be presented to the public on a press conference at University of Maribor October 25th 2012

CSI EU Leaflets

15 October, 2012

Have a look at the CSI EU leaflets at the CSI EU front page.

They are easy to read presentations of the project. They describe the learning portal, where companies can train to improve their skills within social responsibility.


So far Bulgarian and English versions are available, and more will come.

Critical Austrian Brochure on CSR

31 August, 2012

Stig Hirsbak, Denmark, has supplied this interesting document 'Corporate Social Responsibility. Preciousness or speciousness – That is the question!' prepared for the Austrian Network Social Responsibility (a broad coalition of labour and civil society organisations). It aims to unmask the myth of CSR – to show what is behind the nice facade of alleged public interest orientation of companies!

Overview of Existing Training Products Now Online

19 July, 2012

As you might already have seen on the front page, six new documents has been added - fresh from Peter Glavic and Marija Lesjak in Slovenia.

The documents comprise one of the main focus areas of the TRUST IN partnership: To identify the extent of existing training products in the field of sustainable innovation within specific sectors.


Meeting Site For Bulgaria Now Open

26 June, 2012

To stay updated about the coming CSI EU meeting in Bulgaria this September, please use this site.

More info will follow, as the planning progresses.

Austrian Experiences With CSR

25 June, 2012

Gregor Waltersdorfer, Austria, informs about recent findings in Austria.

According to a short telephone survey within companies, only 5 out of 20 front desks knew who is responsible for CSR in their company. Find the article here (in German)

Preview of the Moodle Platform

25 June, 2012

Gregor Waltersdorfer, Austria, has supplied this interesting preview of the Moodle platform; the online output of CSI EU.


What is Moodle?

Moodle is a free available open source learning platform, which allows interactive learning and teaching methods. The wide-ranging functionality includes forums, chats, blogs, wiki, file and video integration, tasks, and quizzes. Therefore it is possible to combine communication, collaboration and evaluation all in one central system.