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Past events

Skype Meeting

30 October, 2012

CSI EU Skype meeting.

Due to connection problems and a power cut, two sets of minutes was supplied.

Skype Meeting

17 October, 2012

Please see attached document for the minutes of the Skype meeting.

Sofia, Bulgaria

20 September, 2012 — 21 September, 2012

Last CSI EU meeting.


The overall purpose of the meeting is

 # to go through material

 # to follow up on the testing

 # to discuss contents for the final report


The meeting will be devoted to analysis of the piloting phase with emphasis on potential corrective actions that might improve the functionality of the platform. In addition, the materials needed for preparation of the final report will be presented to the partners.


Skype Meeting

10 July, 2012

Internal CSI EU Skype meeting

Bregenz, Austria - Ad Hoc Meeting

4 May, 2012


"Panorama 1" room from 9.00 to 14.00




9:20 Welcome

- Miloš Bogataj


9.30-9:45  Update on Progress report status

- Miloš Bogataj


9:45-11:00 Open discussion on Moodle platform status, materials, etc.

- All


11:00-11:15   Break


11:15-12:30 Open discussion on Masterplan for the training

- All


12:30-14.00 Open discussion on various topics related to WP2, WP4 and WP5

- All

Skype Meeting

25 April, 2012

Internal CSI EU Skype meeting

Skype Meeting

28 February, 2012

Internal CSI EU Skype meeting


7 November, 2011 — 12 November, 2011

Extra CSI EU meeting in Bilbao on NOVEMBER 11-12th in Bilbao.


This meeting will be combined with the IHOBE Ecodesign meeting (register for this meeting here) on November 9th and the TRUST IN meeting November 10th.


Book your accommodation at Hotel Abando, before 21st of October.


26 September, 2011 — 27 September, 2011

CSI EU 3rd Meeting


You can find information on venues, arrival etc. on the dedicated Kaunas site


# Time:

Monday 26, 17.00 (NOTE: CHANGED FROM 14.00) to 20.00

Tuesday 27, 9.00 to 14.00

# Venue:

Maribor, Slovenia

15 December, 2010

More detailed information on this meeting will follow soon.